Do small businesses still need a website?

Do small businesses still need a website?

ST LOUIS, MO (STL.Directory) Technology continues to change, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Apple Maps continue to improve their services, algorithms, maps, and more.  Years ago, many small businesses rushed to build a website so prospective customers could easily find their business.  Yes, it may have been necessary then, but as the search engines’ technology and services have expanded, the need for small businesses has changed without them knowing it.  If a small business sells products or services online, they need a website to provide that functionality.

However, if you are a small business that only offers location, business description, and other minor business details, a website is NOT needed.  What small businesses need is a significant web presence.  Yes, a website may help their presence, assuming the website is built correctly.  In our experience, most small business websites are a waste of money because due to small budgets, they hire web designers that either (1) don’t know how to build a website correctly or (2) take advantage of the business owner by charging for work that they do not perform properly due to the small budget.  If a website is not correctly built, it will waste money and offer very few benefits.

A better strategy for small businesses with small budgets is to focus on their online presence using directory listings.  You want to be found in all maps, search engines, review sites, and more, which will increase your web presence.  Most small businesses need to be found in search and maps.  Properly managing your directory listings will be more than sufficient to increase revenues and reduce cost by maintaining an out-of-date website that, in most cases, is not being found anyway.

The most critical directory listing is Google My Business (GMB).  Google is a network, so when consumers search for local businesses, it will show profiles from their directory (Google My Business), which most consumers see when they perform a Google search.

When consumers search for locations or searches on their iPhones, they use Siri.  Apple uses its own Apple Maps, which most businesses are NOT correctly claimed.

Google My Business and Apple Maps are the most critical directories that small businesses need to ensure that they are correctly listed.  However, being listed in Alexa, GPS systems, Yelp, bing, and more are critical to seeing as many prospective customers as possible.

STL.Directory can properly manage your web presence using directory listings utilizing our system to manage all collectively.  When a change is made in our system, it changes your information across the web.  This will increase sales, reduce the cost of maintaining a typically out-of-date website, and NOT properly designed to accomplish this need.

This strategy is highly effective if you need to reduce your spending and increase sales by maximizing your online presence.

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