Facebook Allowed our Account to be Hacked and Refuses to Help

Facebook Allowed our Account to be Hacked and Refuses to Help

Facebook Allowed our Account to be Hacked and Refused to Help After we made several attempts.  They won’t even respond to emails.

ST. LOUIS, MO (STL.Directory) We had heard to whore stories about the difficulties of recovering Facebook accounts when they get hacked, but we didn’t necessarily believe them.  Now we do due to the disappointing unprofessional level of incompetency after attempting to retrieve our account.

On August 13, 2023, with two-step verification on our account to “protect” it, somebody somehow hacked into our Facebook account and changed our email and phone number.  Additionally, they got access to our PayPal account, which was on file in our Facebook account, to pay for ads.  Yes, they attempted to hack our PayPal and make two $900 transactions that were not authorized.  We prevented that from happening.

We had to prove our identity, which was strange, but we did it successfully.  However, Facebook would not allow us to remove the master email, which belonged to the hacker.  So they helped recover the account, but I can’t change the password because the verification goes to the hackers’ email.

We have sent multiple emails to request help.  They won’t even respond to our emails.  I’m not sure what to do besides continuing to flood their inbox with requests for assistance, and maybe somebody somebody will do their job.

Our concern is that this action appears to have come from within Facebook.  Our reason for this concern is that we got no request for verification to enter the account with two-step verification.  It appears to have been bypassed.  Additionally, you can’t see all of the PayPal information because some of it is blocked, I assume for “security.”

We use Facebook to promote our site and help promote our clients’ businesses with Facebook posts and ads.  This has dramatically impacted our traffic, business, and customers.

I have seen the CEO appear before Congress, assuring them that every step is being taken seriously to correct these issues, but we call BS.

We support another appearance before Congress, but it is time that Congress hold them accountable.  Previously, I did not support oversight over social media, but it has become a massive part of our lives and business relationships.  It must be regulated to protect the public because the employees certainly do not care.

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