City Foundry STL is a new St. Louis destination with shopping, office space, and St. Louis’ only food hall – located in midtown.

City Foundry STL is a fantastic $300 million destination that has not been completed yet.  Still, the food hall is open with multiple restaurants under one roof with community areas for easy gatherings with friends, family, or even business meetings.

It is an old foundry factory building that has been recreated into modern-day use while hanging onto much of the old, outdated industrial beams, piping, and construction that gives it one of the unique atmospheres in the region.  The developer did a fantastic job developing and recreating this facility into a useful atmosphere that projects an environment of creativity by reusing a significant amount of the outdated but architecturally appealing, resulting in great reuse of what was once an embarrassment to the community.

The food hall is home to the following food vendors:

  1. 18Rails – The Venue @ City Foundry STL
  2. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  3. Buenos Aires Cafe
  4. Chez Ali
  5. Chicken Scratch Rotisserie
  6. Fassler Hall
  7. Fresh Thyme Market
  8. Good Day
  9. Hello Poke
  10. iSee Store Innovations
  11. Kalbi Taco Shack
  12. Kitchen Bar – Operated by Niche Food Group
  13. Patty’s Cheesecakes
  14. Poptimism STL
  15. Press Waffle Co.
  16. Subdivision Sandwich Co.
  17. Sur Este
  18. Turmeric Street Style

NOTE: Depending on which maps program you use online, it might be challenging to find.  We are trying to make it easier for visitors to find and get accurate directions to the facility.  It is a new address, and it has not been correctly added to the various maps.  Our Google Maps link below appears to be accurate and correctly set.