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THE PRESIDENT: So we’re going to North Carolina.  We have a tremendous crowd of people.  They’re great people and we love them. And we’re going to be there in a little while.

And then we’re going to Florida.  We’re going to Miami, and I think we’re staying overnight in Miami.

And we’re doing very well.  The polls are looking actually great.  We’re doing very well, and we’re going to have a big victory, and I look forward to it.

And some of you are traveling with us, I guess, and some of you aren’t.

Q Mr. President, the WTO — the WTO has given the EU —

THE PRESIDENT: I can’t hear you.

Q The WTO says that they’re going to give the EU a green light to put in tariffs.  Will you strike back?

THE PRESIDENT: Say it again.

Q In the Boeing case. The Boeing case.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, we won a 7.5-billion-dollar case, and that was in — that was a great case to win, as you know.  And we’ll see what happens.  If they strike back, then we’ll strike much harder than they’ll strike.  They don’t want to do anything, I can tell you that.

But we won — we won a big case — $7.5 billion.


12:14 P.M. EDT


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